February Deals

February 3th - 8th: 10% OFF Level 3 Detail

February 10th-15th: FREE Engine Bay Steam Clean with Level 1 Detail ($50 Savings)

February 17th-22nd: 10% Off Battery Replacement

February 24th - 29th: 50% OFF Ozone Treatment

ALL MONTH: Foam Cannon Hand Wash, Vacuum & Spray Wax $45 Cars and $75 Trucks.


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As the owner and operator of Shine Bright Auto, I want to answer all of your questions personally and educate you on the products and services offered. Our business plan is to make our customers happy. Every vehicle needs a little attention and to make sure you are not inconvenienced; we offer free pick up. I am excited to work with you!

Communication is key

Auto Accident, NO WORRIES! We work with all insurance companies to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Auto Detailing Price List


All Prices are subject to change due to vehicle condition. The following list includes starting prices:
Level 1 Detail
Car: $175 Truck/Pickup:$250
Level 2 Detail
Car: $275 Truck/Pickup: $450
Level 3 Detail
Car: $375 Truck/Pickup: $550

Level 1 Detail Includes: 
Exterior: Exclusive Foam Cannon Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Clear Coat Sealant, Finishing Wax, Rims, Tires, Windows
Interior: Air Purge, Vacuum, Hand Clean All Door Panels, Condition All Door Panels, Windows
Level 2 Detail Includes:
Additional to Level 1: Steam Clean Entire Interior
Level 3 Detail Includes: 
All Above with Additional Machine Polish/Buff to Remove Minor Scratches/Clear Coat Imperfections detailing in Philadelphia auto body in Philadelphia

Additional Services


Steam Clean Engine Bay - $49.95

Ozone Treatment - $99.95

Ceramic Coating - $400.00

Rim Reconditioning - $100.00

Oil Change $39.95

Tire Change & Balance - $24.95

(We Can Provide New Tires)

Headlight Restoration Starting at @ $75.00 Per pair

Windshield Replacement

Paint-less Dent Removal 

Body Work 

Certified Collision Repair

Now Offering - Boat Reconditioning

 starting at $28 per foot


Call Me! Ask about any other services for pricing details. 

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